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3D Microscope   3D Pan Focal Macro Scope

edge 3d light microscope product specifications sheet


- Automated Z-Focus Stacking
- Extended Depth of Focus
- Rotational 3D imaging
- Stereo 3D Imaging 
- Surface Profiling

Panfocal 3D software controls the focus of the camera to produce a stack of images, each taken at different focus levels. The stack of images is processed to remove the out-of-focus blur and an extended depth of focus image is produced that can be seen as a 2D picture, stereo 3D picture, rotational 3D movie, or surface profile. 

Basic Unit Includes:
- Chassis and Body constructed of aluminum 
- Auto-focusing camera head with 1/4-20 mount
- Automated z-axis focus with 2 inch travel
- Manual focus with 12 inch travel
- 3D Computer with 24" 3D Monitor
- LED Lighting 
- Edge Panfocal 3D software


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