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The nervous system is a complex three-dimensional network. The Edge-3D microscope is the ultimate Neurobiology microscope as it defines and reveals otherwise ambiguous areas in samples.

    Forensic Science
Edge-3D provides increased visual information and several modes of imaging that makes it the perfect tool for Forensic Science.

The full depth of focus 3D features of the Edge microscope make it ideal for examining a large range of different industrial products for quality control, production line vision, and failure analysis applications.


With Edge-3D technology you can examine rocks, pebbles, sand or polished sections, all with amazing three-dimensional clarity. The rotational 3D motion movie to the right demonstrates how much 3D information exists even in a polished section of a meteroite.


Edge's extended depth of focus features provide greatly enhanced imaging of thick, real-world specimens encountered in applications such as Marine Biology and Plant Biology.


The Edge 3D microscope will help to solve the difficult problems encountered in visualizing the placement and integrity of circuitry components, such as bond testing application as seen in the image on the right.


Cytopathology is a perfect application for the Edge 3D microscope as specimens such as PAP smears and needle biopsies are very three-dimensional by nature. The rich depth information that the Edge 3D microscope provides results in less false negatives. We encourage our customers to section their samples 50 micron thick, rather than the standard 5 micron sections. Three-dimensional visualization of thick samples improves both productivity and accuracy.


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